Liquid Amendment

Liquid Soil Amendment

Two Year Turf Study

Cornell University: Dr. Rossi: Creeping bentgrass/Poa annua, Strong foliar disease suppression: Dollar Spot, Brown Patch, Anthracnose: 2005.

Cornell University: Dr. Rossi: Creeping bentrass/Poa annua: Second year, exceptionally strong foliar disease suppression of Dollar Spot, Anthracnose: 2006.

“It is likely that the products might be having an undefined biostimulant effect on turf performance. These could be soil microbial activities as well as plant hormone production.”

  • The concentrated liquid has hormonal and antioxidant characteristics resulting in environmental stress reduction as it relates to heat, drought and salinity.
  • The tests have identified microflora from the Converted Organics liquid that strongly inhibits the growth of 10 pathogenic fungi in-vitro.
  • The test results also confirm that use of the liquid increases microbial activity 200% to 600%.